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Hey everyone! Some big changes this week. We’ve updated the mod pack to version 10! Please visit the How to Connect page for info on how to update your install.

Instead of listing every change piece-by-piece, there will be a short summary of major changes as well as a link to a spreadsheet with a full list of changes.

Major changes:

The Aroma1997 Mining World/Mining Dimension has been completely updated and replaced. You will have to re-craft the portal tool and use it on your mining portal to go to the new mining world.
There have been some major changes with Inventory Pets. You will no longer fall like a rock when you press shift while using a cloud pet, amongst other things.
Dynamic Trees and Recurrent Complex have been updated to greatly speed world generation. The server will lag when generating new chunks, but it will no longer be as bad as it was.

Full list of changes:

Please see the link below to view the spreadsheet with all of the mod changes in this version:

Hey everyone! As Untold Destiny Revelations mod pack matures, I’m working on more optimizations and bug fixes for the pack. The biggest complaint about the pack is the heavy RAM usage. While some of that is unavoidable, this version should be more efficient about how it uses RAM.

As always, please visit the How to Connect page for the latest downloads.

Mods removed:
Traverse – incompatible with BoP, removed to hopefully speed up new chunk gen
Agricraft – no updates in months, even for major server crashes

Mods added:
FTB Guide

Mods updated:
Astral Sorcery to 1.9.1
Chisels and Bits to 14.18
Extreme Reactors to
Flux Networks to 3.0.13 (no version change number, but there are fixes)
Forestry to
Hammer Core to
Just Enough Items (JEI) to
Pam’s Harvestcraft to 1.12.2u
Quark to r1.4-124
Steve’s Carts to
UniDict to 2.5c
ZeroCORE to
McJtyLib to 3.0.1
RFTools to 7.53

The Untold Destiny Revelations modpack has been updated to Version 8. Please visit the How to Connect page for information about installing or updating to the newest version!

What’s new?

Maybe… just maybe… the reconnect bug has been fixed. “HOW U DO IT?” one might ask… the answer is that I removed MineTogether.

There’s also a new mod called RFLux. It makes RF-powered lights.

What’s updated?

Lots of stuff…
Advanced Rocketry updated to 1.4.0-84
CoFH Core updated to
CoFH World updated to
Comforts updated to
ConnectedTexturesMod updated to
Does anyone read this list?
Deep Resonance updated to 1.7.0
No really, does anyone actually read this?
EnderIO updated to 5.0.26
Engineer’s Workshop updated to
Environmental Tech updated to 2.0.11a
Environmental Tech Lunar updated to 2.0.11a
I really doubt anyone reads this list…
Flux Networks updated to 3.0.13
Existential doubt is filling my mind
Forge updated to
FTBLib updated to
FTBUtilities updated to
Hammer Core updated to, but I wish that it would stop spamming update messages in chat
Immersive Railroading updated to 1.2.1, which is the real reason that I made this update. Choo-choo
Just Enough Items updated to
LibVulpes updated to 0.2.8-32
McJtyLib updated to 3.0.0
Not Enough Wands updated to 1.7.0
Redstone Arsenal updated to
Redstone Flux updated to
RFTools updated to 7.51
RFTools Control updated to 1.9.0
RFTools Dimensions updated to 5.60
Scannable updated
SonarCore updated 5.0.12
Thaumcraft updated to 6.1BETA16
The Lost Cities updated to 2.0.9
The One Probe updated 1.4.23
Thermal Cultivation updated to
Thermal Dynamics updated to
Thermal Expansion updated to
Thermal Foundation updated to
Tinker’s Construct updated to
ValkyrieLib updated to 2.0.11a
Whoosh updated to
XNet updated to 1.7.0
xNICEx updated to 0.3.0